#1 Online-trading solution by RobertGibson 01.11.2022 19:47

Your EU company is referred to as a "merchant". The merchant account is opened directly in the name of that company while the funds go into a connected company account. The process is as follows: When the acquirer issues a Merchant Identification Number (MID) for the customer, they also provide technical setup details. Later, the merchant will be set up in the payment gateway and their account credentials will be configured. You will then be given API integration instructions and the acquirer's technical team will likely be able to assist you with this.

This scenario, which should be clarified with your acquirer in advance, involves an additional company, e.g. B. A Hong Kong company that has an agreement with your EU trader whereby the trader acts as a settlement agent for the main Hong Kong company. The Hong Kong partner can ease the tax base of the EU company to some extent. Any such agreement between the two partners requires a clear and detailed legal contract. According to the contract between the two parties, the EU merchant handles the entire process of selling, billing and collecting payments from customers.

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